Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

This article offers some tips to help you honor your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day! From inexpensive and fun ideas like a round of spoons or a treasure hunt, to more extravagant gifts like an expensive dinner out or a crossword puzzle book, these are some of our favorite ideas for presenting your loved ones with something memorable.

1, Buy your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day card. Look for a quirky or romantic card to send to your loved one. There are hundreds of different cards for sale for Valentine’s Day. You can find them at most stores which sell unique gifts, or even better, from a local vendor. Many card stores also have private signings from local artists and writers, and these cards can be special keepsakes to keep on your shelf for years to come.

2, Snap a photo of you and your sweetheart enjoying a round of spoons. This is one of the easiest, most memorable gifts you can give this season.

3, Give your boyfriend/girlfriend an album of photos that you’ve taken together over the years (or hand-picked from their Facebook profile).

4, Present your sweetheart with a treasure hunt. This one can be either inexpensive or pricey. It all depends on the type of treasure you want to hide (a cheap necklace beats a $1,000 watch).

5, Give your boyfriend/girlfriend an expensive dinner at their favorite restaurant (or have them pick this treat for themselves).

6, Get your sweetheart a box of chocolates and a crossword puzzle book.

7, Ask your sweetheart to go on a walk around their favorite neighborhood, or present them with tickets to a movie they’ve always wanted to see but couldn’t because of financial reasons.

8. Treat your sweetheart to a weekend getaway at a hotel.

9, If you’re not too busy or have no money, make him/her a dozen cookies (or one of these recipes) and give it to them in the shape of their initials.

10, Give your boyfriend/girlfriend tickets to their favorite event.

11, Gift your sweetheart with an expensive piece of jewelry.

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