The Top 5 Most Stylish Handbags

It is without a doubt that fashion handbags have their own language. From the “auto” to the “hobo”, every bag speaks to something different. One thing they have in common, however, is that they all say I’m fashionable. But what are some of the new trends? Which bags are really making a splash this year? Below are some of my favorite bags.

1. The ‘Chelsea’ bag.

This is the newest designer of handbags. This bag is made famous by the hipster, who uses it to keep important items safe and in place. My favorite thing about this bag is that it stays up high. This means I can easily tote a book while still being fashionable as well!

2. The Boucle Bag.

This is an amazing bag that was made popular by a certain actress. It is designed like a scarf and has handles. I absolutely love this type of bag because it keeps the items secure, but also makes it very easy to move around with ease.

3. The Clematis Bag.

This bag is used by fashionistas everywhere and is perfect for a professional woman who needs to carry around both an iPad as well as her makeup. The design is so cute, that it makes you look stylish, but also practical.

4. The Mini Sleuth Bag.

This bag stands out for its size and style. It is definitely the most stylish among all bags. It does not only look good, but functions like a real detective would need to! This bag keeps all your items organized and safe from theft! This is an important characteristic for a professional woman like myself!

5. The Slouchy Bag (aka the ‘Tote’).

This bag does not have a specific name, but it is basically a professional women’s bag. It is a large, roomy bag that helps you carry around all of your belongings. This is good for the fashion-conscious woman because it makes me feel like I’m taking style to the next level!

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