Abercrombie: 10 Best Underwear for Men

Every man deserves to wear high-quality and comfortable underwear. Men’s underwear come in a variety of fabrics, shapes and colors. Abercrombie offers a variety of men’s underwear to match your every style. They are unique products of premium quality. Here is a list of their 10 best pieces.



1.Men's 3-Pack Woven Logo Boxers

Made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, this package of 3 unique men’s boxers is super soft and comfortable. The fabric is multi-stretch and the boxers feature an elastic waistband and a woven patch logo. There are 3 available color combinations, with the red plaid being the most modern choice.





2.5-Pack Logo Boxer Briefs

These boxer briefs are super-soft and lightweight. They are perfect for your everyday work and they offer the necessary amount of stretch, without being too tight. A functional fly opening and an elastic waistband make these boxers comfortable for every body shape.



3.3-Pack Trunks

Made of premium quality and breathable cotton, this package of 3 men’s trunks can be the best everyday underwear you can wear. They are available in 3 colors: navy blue, black and light blue. The fabric is super-soft and the company’s logo is imprinted on the waistband.




4.3-Pack Boxer Briefs

This package of 3 boxer briefs consist of 3 comfortable boxers, all of which are made of high-quality cotton. They are available in different earthy colors, like black, grey and white. They come in sizes ranging from XS to XXL to match every man’s body shape.




5.Men's 3-Pack Signature Icon Boxers

A playful pack of 3 boxers, featuring an elastic waistband, a soft 4-way-stretch cotton jersey fabric and a reindeer pattern, these boxers are made for every modern and stylish man. They are available in 11 unique colors and they are made of premium quality cotton.




6.Men's 5-Pack Woven Logo Boxers

Made of multi-stretch fabric, these boxers are the perfect everyday underwear for men wishing to feel comfortable at all times. If you are a fan of boxers, but despises feeling moisture down there, this is the perfect type of underwear. The fabric is lightweight and the waistband is elastic and tight enough to keep the underwear on place all day long.




7.Men's 3-Pack A&F Performance Boxer Briefs

This 3-pack boxer briefs is great for everyday activities, including workouts. The briefs are made of a combination of nylon and elastane for optimal comfort and increased breathability. The briefs also have some great moisture-wicking properties and feature a functional fly opening.



8.Men's 5-Pack Pride Boxer Briefs

One of the most stylish and modern sets of boxer briefs, featuring 5 pride-inspired colored boxers, and the company’s logo on the waistband, it is no wonder why this set is so popular among men. The set was created along with the Trevor Project Pride Collection.



9.Men's 12-Pack Trunks

For those wishing to purchase a great collection of men’s trunks, this 12-pack is a great options. Every single trunk comes in a different color and features an intarsia logo waistband and a functional fly opening. What’s more, all the trunks are made of premium-quality cotton combined with elastane for increased comfort.




10.Men's 7-Pack Logo Briefs

A lot of men prefer briefs for the way they easily disappear under trousers. This package of 7 briefs is an all-time classic, featuring a regular rise, a traditional fly and a cotton blend. They are available in multiple colors and the leg openings are not too restrictive or tight.




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