The Top Sports Bras Women Need in Their Workout Wardrobe

Whether you work out indoors or outdoors, running or weightlifting, or even doing yoga or cycling, it’s important that you have the right sports bra to help you get the most out of your workout and to protect your chest muscles from unnecessary strain and damage that could lead to long-term issues such as sagging breasts, back pain, and posture problems. With so many sports bras out there on the market right now, choosing the right one can seem like an almost impossible task.


1. Stride Bra

The only sports bra made by a company that is actually run by women, the Stride Bra has some unique features that make it a top choice for anyone who wants to have a nice, secure fit. Made from 100% cotton, the bra is soft and breathable, but there’s also enough rise in the band so that it’ll stay put in high-impact workouts. Its wide, non-cohesive underwire gives you freedom to move your arms and shoulders as you work out, helping to alleviate shoulder pain and promote good posture.




2. Mindset Bra

Idyllwild is made from 100% cotton and is filled with 20% down, which gives you a cozy feel that can be worn throughout the year.



3. Tempo Bra

Made from a combination of spandex, Lycra, and polyester, this sports bra is designed to offer you enough support without weighing you down. The bra has a wide-set panel in the back so that your shoulders have plenty of room to move while you’re working out, and it has three hooks so that you can adjust the fit to accommodate your own body shape.



4. Yosemite Bra

If you’ve never thought of your sports bra as a trendy piece of wardrobe, think again. These days, sports bras are being made with fashion and style in mind, so don’t be surprised when you see some ultra-cool designs that rival other pieces in your closet. This Yosemite Bra is made from a combination of spandex, cotton, and Lycra so that it’s both comfortable and supportive. Its fabric features a soft, waffle texture that will keep you cool during workouts.



5. Daily Bra

This sports bra is made from a combination of nylon and cotton. You can wear it every day without worry because it’s designed to wick moisture away from your skin so that you’re as comfortable as possible during your workouts. The bra’s fabric panel gives you support and comfort, but it’s also breathable so that you don’t get too hot when you’re working hard.



6. Lux Rib Daily Bra

This sports bra gives you a soft, supportive fit without any hint of binding or digging in to your skin. It’s made from a unique combination of nylon, polyester, and Lycra so that it’s both durable and stretchy. It has a built-in shelf bra and an elastic underband to give you the right amount of lift and shape. This sports bra can be worn every day and is designed to help protect your chest muscles from unnecessary wear and tear.



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